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Corporate Workshops

We conduct corporate and personal workshops and customise them to suit your budget and interests.

These are some of the workshops we offer, do drop us an email to find out more!

 Soap your way to health:
Make your own soap using ingredients gentle to your skin
Healing Bath :
Make your own therapeutic shower gel

With the increasing awareness of the chemical-less skincare products trend, try your hand at creating a soap to call your own. With easy steps to recreate the soaps at the comfort of your home with your family and friends, its a perfect opportunity for that bonding session. 


As well, you will learn useful tips on aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oil, which oils are used for different purposes, the types of oils and its fragrances. An array of oils will be displayed for your testing...


Class size from a guaranteed of 20 pax : $50 per participant for an approximately 90 mins session. Participants get to bring home a variety of different soap sizes (2-10 pcs)



Hippocrates the father of medicine, said that "the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage everyday".


Many of us consider taking a shower as just a daily routine but it can really be more than something we do everyday. Learn how to harness the power of nature in the form of essential oils and take a therapeutic shower so your body and mind can soak in the goodness of nature.


We will also be covering the therapeutic properties of essential oils and share with you on how you can select the ones that helps you manage stress and create a sense of calm in a daily routine many has taken for granted. Turn your daily grooming routine into a mini spa session each time you turn on the shower and appreciate the healing and beautifying properties of essential oils.


Class size from a guaranteed 20 pax : $45 per participant for 90 mins session (Participants get to try their hands at and bring back one 150ml foaming shower gel infused with their choice of essential oils)

DIY Neck & Shoulder Massage : Be your own therapist 


Massage in Schools Programme : Nurturing Touch  for Children 4 - 12 years old 

Using massage in schools is quite a new concept in modern day society. Although massage, in some native and traditional cultures, is as old as mankind itself, it is only in the past century that science has been able to explain the benefits of massage. When the profession of massage therapists became recognized in modern society, studies regarding massage began to emerge everywhere. The studies give credibility to the practice of massage itself as a tool for health, stress management and well being.


So far the programme has had great success for children as well as for their parents and teachers because human beings need touch for their healthy development.


Children doing the simple routine of our programme lower their stress levels, increasing their chance for better concentration at school and better sleep at home.


We are glad that you show interest and hope you will join the growing team of people dedicated to bring nurturing touch into schools.


Class size of 5 sets of parent and child : $70 per set of parent and child for 5 1-hour sessions.


You are not always going to be able to convince somebody else to give you a massage when you are at the workplace especially at times when you are sore, achy, tired or just emotionally needy.


Learn how you can use some simple massage techniques on yourself without the need for anyone else's participation or sympathy! Better yet, combine it with the healing qualities of therapeutic grade essential oils to make a difference in your productivity level and enhance your mood. Especially when nobody knows better than yourself where that tight spot that is begging for a massage is.


Class size from a guaranteed 20 pax: $40 per participant for 90 mins session (Participants get to learn basic hands on techniques involved in DIY neck & shoulder massage).

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